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Exquisite Sparkling Non-Alcoholic Elegance

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Our Vinada Crip Chardonnay is back in stock and ready to delight your senses.

Vinada Crip Chardonnay is Back in Stock!

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Zero Proof Vinada Airen Gold 750 mL

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Introducing Vinada Airén Gold 750 mL, an exquisite non-alcoholic sparkling wine that offers the perfect blend of celebration and sophistication, all without alcohol. This vibrant, bright yellow beverage is a testament to the art of winemaking, capturing the essence of joy and festivity in every bottle. Crafted from the finest ingredients, it presents an abundance of white fruity taste sensations, evoking the delicate aromas and flavors of orchard fruits, enhanced by a soft, crisp finish and a pleasantly dry aftertaste.

Vinada Airén Gold is not just another non-alcoholic option; it's a lifestyle choice for those seeking to celebrate life's milestones with elegance and mindfulness. Whether you're toasting to a new job, commemorating a birthday, celebrating a pregnancy, or simply appreciating the beauty of a sunny day, Vinada offers a tasteful, delightful way to mark the occasion. Its gentle yet full-bodied taste and effervescence make every sip a celebration in itself, inviting you to savor the moment without any alcohol.

With a 750 mL bottle, Vinada Airén Gold is perfect for sharing, making it an ideal centerpiece for any celebration. Its sophisticated packaging and premium quality ensure that it stands out on any table, offering a welcoming invitation to guests to indulge in a guilt-free toast. This sparkling wine's vegan credentials further emphasize its appeal to a wide audience, ensuring that everyone can join in the celebration, regardless of dietary preferences.

Vinada Airén Gold challenges the conventions of non-alcoholic beverages, proving that zero percent alcohol can still offer 100 percent taste and enjoyment. It's an acknowledgment that the essence of a celebration lies not in the alcohol content but in the shared experience of joy and togetherness. Vinada is your companion for those moments when you want to celebrate without alcohol, ensuring that every toast is meaningful and every sip is savored.

In summary, Vinada Airén Gold 750 mL is more than just a non-alcoholic sparkling wine; it's a symbol of celebration, a toast to health and happiness, and a testament to the belief that life's special moments deserve to be celebrated with style and substance. Whether you're gifting it to a loved one, bringing it to a gathering, or simply enjoying it at home, Vinada makes every occasion a reason to celebrate. Enjoy the light, the bubbles, and the taste of celebration with Vinada. Who will you surprise with a bottle of Vinada Airén Gold?

Zero Proof Vinada Crisp Chardonnay 750 mL

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Vinada Crisp Chardonnay 750 mL is a testament to the artistry of French winemaking, offering an elegant, non-alcoholic alternative for those who appreciate fine wine without the alcohol. This exquisite sparkling Chardonnay is crafted from a unique blend of premium Chardonnay grapes from the renowned Languedoc region in France, known for its rich winemaking heritage.

A Flavorful Experience

Vinada Crisp Chardonnay delivers a sophisticated and balanced flavor profile. With every sip, you’ll enjoy the crisp, fresh taste of apple, complemented by the sweet undertones of melon and a hint of citrus. The bubbles add a delightful sparkle, enhancing the overall sensory experience and leaving a refreshing finish on the palate. This vegan-friendly wine is also low in calories, making it a perfect choice for health-conscious individuals who don’t want to compromise on flavor or enjoyment.

Perfect for Any Occasion

Whether you’re celebrating a special milestone, hosting a dinner party, or simply enjoying a quiet evening at home, Vinada Crisp Chardonnay is the ideal choice. Its stylish presentation and refreshing taste make it a versatile beverage that can elevate any occasion. Serve it chilled in a flute glass to enhance its sparkling character and enjoy it as an aperitif or paired with your favorite meals.

Health-Conscious Choice

Vinada Crisp Chardonnay is more than just a delicious drink; it’s a mindful choice for those who prefer a healthier lifestyle. Free from alcohol and animal products, this vegan wine is perfect for individuals who are sober curious or following a plant-based diet. Its low-calorie content also makes it suitable for those watching their caloric intake without sacrificing the joy of a celebratory drink.

Zero Proof Vinada Tempranillo Rose 750mL

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VINADA Tempranillo Rosé is a testament to the rich winemaking tradition of Spain's La Mancha region, reimagined for the modern connoisseur who seeks the allure of wine without the alcohol. This sparkling rosé, made exclusively from carefully chosen Tempranillo grapes, encapsulates the vibrant essence of its origin, delivering a sophisticated wine experience that's both alcohol-free and full of flavor.

Product Benefits:

  • Alcohol-Free Sophistication: Enjoy the complexity and joy of wine without alcohol. VINADA Tempranillo Rosé is perfect for those who prefer or need to abstain from alcohol but refuse to compromise on taste and quality.
  • Refreshing Experience: This sparkling rosé's effervescent bubbles gently titillate the senses, providing a refreshing and uplifting experience that's perfect for any occasion or celebration.
  • Versatile Enjoyment: Whether it's a special celebration, a casual gathering, or a quiet moment of indulgence, VINADA Tempranillo Rosé fits seamlessly, offering a guilt-free alternative to traditional wine.

Product Features:

  • Product Specifications:
    • Volume: 750 mL
    • Origin: La Mancha, Spain
    • Grape Variety: Tempranillo
    • Alcohol Content: 0% (Alcohol-Free)
  • Key Features:
    • Made from Tempranillo grapes for a unique taste.
    • Sparkling and refreshing with a vibrant rosé hue.
    • Alcohol-free, catering to a wide range of preferences and dietary restrictions.
    • Crafted in the renowned wine-growing region of La Mancha, Spain, ensuring authenticity and quality.

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